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April 28, 2017

Hellooooo. I swear I've created blogs on and off again for the last 5 years, so the chances of me sticking to this one are slim to none but y'know thought I'd give it another shot. I'm a big thinker, and sometimes I get so lost in my own thoughts I don't even know where I am. I guess this blog is a chance for me to spill out some of those thoughts in the off chance it might clear up some room in my head. My life isn't overly exciting but I always enjoy reading blogs that are more relatable so hopefully, you do as well. 

Life Updates

It's the end of April and I'm kind of like okay where have the first four months of this year gone and what have I actually done this year. This year started out kind of weird and I made a few changes in my life.

I left my job in February that I had been at for nearly 3 years, moved out of my flat that I had been at for 3 years and then left a city I had lived in for nearly 6 years. I don't really know why, to be honest. I guess I was just feeling bored, uninspired and I wasn't that happy with where I was and needed a change. I also wasn't in the best mindset and needed some time to chill out and do some soul searching (just joking, who can be bothered with that). 2017 didn't really start out how I thought it would but that's fine. I realised certain things that happened were for the best and I learnt a lot from them which is the main thing.

But seriously, changing things up has been the best thing I have ever done and I feel very happy and chill with life right now. I've been able to focus on my studies which is the most important thing to me right now, focus on my health and whatnot & save some $$ (not walking down Lambton Quay every day has done wonders for my savings). I've also had more time to hang out with my two nieces who are 3 and 6 which has been the best. I will however be moving to another city at the end of June as I am getting a little restless and need some independence back in my life. 

I also had my 23rd birthday, growing up I always thought that when I turned 23 I'd be married, have babies and have a successful adult job. I currently have none of those and the first two probably won't happen for a while, but you know what? That's 100% cool with me because I don't really want all of those things right now. I'm happy with where I am and that's the most important thing. 

If you've read this whole thing then yay thank you, let's be friends. I've always enjoyed writing blogs, and its something I've wanted to start up again but have kept talking myself out of, but no more of that. 2017 is the year I actually start doing all the things I keep telling myself I want to do. I've got a few things I want to write about in the future so keep an eye out. Will most likely (hopefully) update on a Sunday night. Hope you've had a lovely weekend!

Em x
(cheesy asf photo but its kind of cute also credit to my sister Hanna)
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